Setting Up a Double Boiler to Make Healthy Homemade Fudge

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Learn how to set up a double boiler for healthy homemade fudge in this free dessert recipe video on making healthy homemade fudge.

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Video Transcript

Okay to make the coconut almond fudge we are actually going to set up a double boiler. Now you've probably seen me do this before. If you've ever been to the Baker's Corner, and basically means we're going to use an indirect source of heat. We don't want to put any of these ingredients directly over heat. It's just a little harsh for the ingredients. We want the indirect heat to be what melts everything together so we can combine it. So to set up our double boiler, we, I just have a pot on the stove. And there's really only about an inch, maybe even three fourths of an inch of water in here. You don't need a lot. We're going to turn the stove on and we want the water down here to come to you know, simmer boil so that the steam it's putting off is going to be what heats the bowl and what's in the bowl. So that's our indirect source of heat. You don't want too much water because you don't want the actual boiling water to touch the bottom of the bowl. You don't want that. You want only the steam. So don't put a lot in there. And also that way it takes very little amount of time for the water to come to boil because you're only working with about that much of water. So I have my water it's starting to get warm. It's going to come to a simmer boil pretty soon. I'm actually going to take my bowl back over here to put my ingredients in it and then we'll place it over our source of indirect heat.


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