How to Chop Carrots

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Learn how to prepare and chop carrots with expert tips on cutting vegetables in this free how-to video on cutting vegetables.

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Video Transcript

It's fruit you can play with and eat at the same time. Well its actually not a fruit, its a vegetable. These are carrots and I love them. They're so healthy for you and they taste great. You have a choice when you do carrots. You can leave the peel on which has a lot of nutrients or vitamins or if you're doing a catering event, since this is catering tips 101, I might recommend a quick peel. So quickly, quickly peel just the worst of the problem off of your carrot swapping sides so you don't take off some skin with it. If you peel too quickly though, be very careful that you don't take off some skin with it. There's nothing worse than having some of your own DNA mixed in with your vegetables. OK. Now I'm going to put the peels in my mulch bin. And I'm going to lop off both ends of the root. OK? A safe way for cutting carrots, because they like to move around on you is, I cut them into smaller pieces. Try to make them fairly uniform. Just like that. I'm going to take the carrot and I'm going to cut one of them right in half, especially the bigger ones and line them up. Once they're flat, they won't roll around on you and give you problems. OK? After you line them up, just take your nice, sharp chef's knife and make consistent cuts. This batch I'm going to use to saute and make another dish, so I'm going to cut them fairly small. If you want to make carrot sticks for your family, same thing applies; cut them in half. Oops. Carefully. See they're very tricky. So you be careful. Put them on their sides and then just cut into thirds. And you have another option of healthy, quick snack that you can have ready to munch on at home. Like that. What's up doc? Carrot sticks. A great treat.


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