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Opening sparkling wine takes a special touch. Learn how to properly open a sparkling wine bottle from a wine expert in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Champagne & Sparkling Wine Facts
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Video Transcript

I'm going to tell you how to open a bottle of Sparkling Wine, which is actually a little bit harder than it seems. Now first of all you have to remember that this bottle contains six atmospheres of pressure of carbon dioxide and fifty six million bubbles. And you want to be very careful to open the bottle properly or you can loose up to half of that pressure and half of those fifty six million bubbles, which will leave you with only twenty eight million bubbles. That's not a very good way to start a day. So you need to be very careful and you just start by pointing the bottle away from anything that you could hurt. It's true you can put someone's eye out with this. You can also break a window, break glass or worse you could waste life. So be careful, point it away with anything that could get hurt. And the first step is to remove the little foil capsule which is just a part of the label, a part of the marketing. Then you want to find the little wire cage. Now the wire cage is on the bottle to keep the cork in for safety as we said. Getting the wire cage off is really fun and it is always, always, always done like this - six half turns towards you will remove the wire cage. So one, two, three, four, five, six and voila! Now after the cage comes off, always keep your hand on the cork because it could fly. Then what you want to do? You wan to hold the bottle kind of like this. Hold the cork in your hand, always keep your hand on the cork. Put your other hand in the bottom of the bottle and it doesn't really matter your posture, whatever is comfortable for you. Then you want to twist the cork and or the bottle, again whichever one feels comfortable for you. But remember the entire point of this entire exercise is to allow the cork to come out very softly, very smoothly, and with just a slightest little whisper of sound, like psstt.... The French called that a supreme. And that was a little crazy but there you go, opening a bottle of bubbly.


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