Melt the Butter & Add the Sugar for Baking Biscotti Cookies

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Learn how to add the butter and sugar with expert tips and advice on baking recipes in this free online video clip on biscotti.

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Video Transcript

The very step in biscotti is to melt a 1/4 pound of butter. A 1/4 pound is basically is one stick. It makes it easy. You just take that, put it right in your bowl, and go over to your microwave. Everybody's got a microwave. You can do it over the oven if you want to, but I say keep that microwave going and do it for about 30 seconds. It's a lot quicker by microwave, obviously. It'll be spinning around. You can look through the window and make sure that it's melting, which it will be. That's going to take about 30 seconds. It's really important that the butter is completely melted. The reason being is that you don't want any lumps in your biscotti. As you can see, it's been a minute. We're going to take the melted butter out. Just to make sure that it doesn't have any little clumps left, what I always like to do is take a whisk and just whisk it so it's nice and smooth. See no lumps. Next what you do is you add one cup of sugar. You want to whisk that sugar in so it's nice and smooth. Now, this is really, really important. When we come back I’m going to show you. We're going to add the eggs, but I've got a special note about those eggs.


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