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Learn how to package this tasty fudge recipe with expert dessert cooking tips in this free online video recipe clip.

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Now we are going to package this fudge to give as gifts or just to have on hand when people come in. A simple way to package fudge is in these premade boxes. Now they are really inexpensive they are like two dollars for two of them. What you do is you literally you know put it together, you don't need to be a rocket scientist obviously. They are very simple, you just open it up, close it on the sides, turn it in and you have a perfect box. Then what I do is I take a piece of wax paper now you always want to pay attention to detail when you're packaging fudge. Cause you've gone through all this trouble to make it look good and taste good so what I recommend is just take a pair of sheers or any kind of scissors that have serrated edge. Just to make it a little bit more decorative just pinch your ends if you like so that is really simple and most people have wax paper or parchment paper in the house. What you're going to do is your just going to take those pieces of fudge and you're going to lay them ever so nicely inside the box, sometimes you got to trim them just a tad. But all that means is that you get some extra scraps that you to can eat. I don't think you would be too upset about that. As you can see you can do four across and do two rows of four and you have a nice little gift package of eight squares of fudge. So as you can see you got all that ready to go and then you just fold your wax paper in close up your box, close the lid and then you can add some decorative ribbon. Now as I like to use is the really sheer decorative wear ribbon, you can make labels that say homemade fudge but I just cut a really simple piece of ribbon. Put it right down the middle, who can't tie a knot the first thing we learned in grade school, how to tie your shoes. Just tie a knot, don't need to do a bow. If it's a ribbon with some wire in it, all better. Then you can just clip your ends in a V and there you have a perfect hostess gift with homemade fudge.


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