How to Make Fondant Ribbons

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Fondant icing can be sculpted into many shapes for cake decorations. Learn how to make fondant ribbons in this free cake decorating video.

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Ok, let?s start with our bow sections. I've chosen yellow to be my bows. And in order to make the bow on the top curl, you need to roll this, roll it out and cut this, and lay them on their side and set them to dry before you put the bow together. So lets start by rolling a nice snake of fondant. And we can use a large rolling pin or small rolling pin to make that about maybe an eighth of an inch thick is good. Now at this point you want to use a little bit of the powdered sugar, and you just take a little sprinkling and rub it on your work surface so its not so thick that its turning your color white, but its just enough to keep it from sticking. You also want to occasionally, in fact do this pretty often, move it and make sure that it is sliding and moving on the paper. Ok, and just roll that. We're going to have about an inch ribbon; you want to have about an inch ribbon. So you want to roll it out just a little bit thicker than an inch. If you want you can make a large piece and then cut strips. So we'll do it both ways. Now you can use a knife to cut your ribbon pieces, like this. And if you find that it?s, that your fondant is very soft, you can roll it back out and then let it sit for just a minute. It will dry and then it'll be a little bit easier to cut. You don't want it to dry too much though. Now at this point a ruler is handy, if you want to get a nice an even inch. You can just mark it a little along the way. You can even use a ruler like this. Make sure you have a nice clean ruler that is only used for cake decorating. Because you don't want to have a dirty edge there. And you can cut your ribbon pieces like that. Ok, we're going to make eight ribbon pieces.


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