How to Make Color Fondant

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Fondant icing adds a smooth professional look to cakes. Learn how to make colored fondant for your next cake decorations in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Now we would add some color to our fondant. I'm going to use this blue, I have chosen a color group called garden flower colors. I'm going to make my cake a very light blue. So you take a toothpick and just coat it with the food coloring. Just sort of dig it in into the fondant like this. Kind of stretching it and rubbing it in there a little bit. Get all of the color off of there and then you fold it onto itself and then continue to knead just like as you where soften it. You can continue to knead that. As the color comes out you would see it would slowly turn blue. Now you can use this technique if you want a stripe rating for your cake. You put the color in and you roll and fold until you like the way that it looks. Then you can roll this out and actually use something like this to cover your cake it is very pretty. I want it to be a solid color so I'm going to continue to knead it in until the color is nice and solid one color blue. You just squish it and roll it and do whatever you can to get the color mixed in evenly. Now we would add some yellow to this piece. It is a smaller piece I'm goign to use it for making the ribbons and bows. You just take a little bit of color (my toothpick broke I would throw that one away). It is good to use if you need more color use a fresh toothpick don't put a dirty toothpick or a use toothpick back into your food coloring. Always put a clean one in and that way you would keep your colors clean. Then you would just mix that in just like the other color.


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