How to Trim Cake Layers

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Going for a professional look to your next cake? Learn how to trim cake layers so they neat and even in this free cake decorating video.

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Video Transcript

The next thing we want to do is check it for levelness. And if you get down and look at it eye to eye here and just check to see that your cake is level on the top. Now if you find that one side is very low, you can sometimes fill in with bits of cake. So you could cut, this one is pretty level so I don't really have to do this, but like right here, you have a corner that's a little high. You can fill in with small pieces of cake. Like that. Okay, you can even lift up a section and slide cake in or trim off if you have a high spot, you can trim the cake like that. So, but what's important is that you look at the cake that it should be level on the top. And if you're not good at eying it, you can check with a ruler. This is showing four inches and it's pretty level all around. That's a nice even cake. Okay, and now the sides, you want to do the same thing. You want to check, and you can take the serrated knife and just trim to make a nice, straight sides. Like this. I'm just going to trim off. You want to use a sawing motion so that we're not ripping pieces of cake off. That we're just gently sawing off. You'll get a much more even side if you use that sawing motion like that. Okay and again on the side. Now the frosting can fill in a lot of spots, but it's nice to have good, straight edges to start with. Next we'll ice the cake, even though we're covering it completely with our sugar paste or our fondant. You want to frost the cake all over to give it a good base. And have a nice even cake.


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