Frosting The Sides Of A Layer Cake

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How to properly frost the sides of a layer cake; get expert tips on homemade baking recipes in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

It is important now to use alot of frosting for this next step take a very large amount of frosting and just put it on the side. Now you are going to frost on top of frosting and you are only going to go a little bit of round. Just press that frosting along the edge, the knife is going this way and that way, this way and that way just slightly spreading that frosting around. Don't worry about it being messy we are going to smooth that out later we just want to cover the whole cake. It is very important to not to get crumbs in your frosting so you only frost on top of frosting. Watch where I put it right on top where I already frosted and I just push it along. Like I said don't worry about the mess we will take care of it later. We would just work our way slowly around the cake. When you are frosting it you want to get this little lip up around the edge I will show you what we would do with that later. Remember to use a generous amount of frosting as you go along. Be careful to never pull the knife away straight because you can pull the frosting away from the cake and end up with crumbs. Okay now that we covered it all the way around we are going to smooth it. Oops if the cake shows a through a little you would need a little more icing. Just slightly sweep around that cake taking off the excess and remember we want to form a lip around the top cake. If you see any crumbs in your icing just stop take them out and continue on. Okay lets go one more time around. That looks good for now.


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