Crimping & Fluting Peach Pie Crust

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How to crimp and flute the crust of a peach pie; get expert tips on baking homemade dessert recipes in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village now I will show you how to crimp the edge of our pie. If we got a lot of dough hanging down we are going to trim it off with a knife and just sort of press hold the your hand behind the dough and just press a knife against it to just take off a little of the excess and you might need it in place that you don't have enough dough. Then just pull the dough up like this pinching it to make like a little ridge all around the pie. Now if you have a spot where there is not that much dough you can take a little egg white for glue and just add a little bit of dough from you scraps and go all the way around the pie making a little ridge. If you are a little shy on dough like right here and just add a piece and pinch it in there and let's see if it looks like it is not sticking you can put a little bit of egg wash or a little egg whites or a little bit of water even is useful for glue. Not really glue but just to make it stick and make that ridge all the way around here we are missing a little bit of dough but we would just add just pinch a little on there. Okay once you have a nice ridge all the way around I will show you a nice ridge all the way around. Then we are going to pinch the edge and you do it like this you push in with your finger and you pinch with the two fingers and that would give you a nice little triangle pattern all the way around the pie and you could push down on it when you pinch and it comes up a little and then you just pat it down a little to get the right shape. You pinch two fingers and one finger, two fingers and one finger all the way around the pie. Rotate the pie. This is a real nice homemade look and it is called crimping we are crimping that pie edge all the way around. It also helps to pinch the lattice work down to the pie crust and you get a nice little ridge. Alright we are going to protect that ridge before baking by putting a little bit of tin foil all the way around so that it doesn't over brown. As you go you can clean off the edge if there is anything hanging down you just pinch it right off and we go all the way around the pie. If it comes up to hight just press it right down, pinch it and reshape it all over again. Here we go and pull that in, push it down and there you have a beautiful crimp pie.


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