Cutting Cheesecake Into Slices

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How to cut a cheesecake into slices; get expert tips on baking homemade dessert recipes in this free cooking video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Bake and Decorate a Cheesecake
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Video Transcript

Alright now it's time to slice our cheesecake so we have our hot water we have our boning knife, I prefer to use the boning knife over anything else, it's thin, it's long, it works perfectly. This cake we're going to slice into 16 portions so we'll start by slicing it in half. And we'll do each half at a time right down the center to the bottom, you can feel the crust and we'll give it a turn. Now for the reason for doing the dip, wipe, slice if I we're to slice the cake like this and go for the next one you'll have cake build up on your knife so as your slicing it you'll look bad, you'll have build up of the cake filling on top and that pretty much will ruin the presentation so this will make the cake the cuts in the cake very clean, it'll look great. So let's slice this dip, wipe, slice, we're going to quarter it and then we'll quarter the quarters. Dipping, wiping, slicing keep those cuts nice and clean, take your time with it, we've come this far you don't want to hurry the process and then ruin the presentation. So we're quartering, quartering the cake and we will cut those portions in half, now this cake cost me roughly $16 to make, I get 16 slices out of it so if for 17, 17 I sell it for $7.50 a slice. So do the math there's a good profit margin here and you can't buy a cake this good, like I said this is the world's best cheesecake and you will now that once you've cook it, worked with your hands, and finally taste it, it's so good.


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