Adding Chocolate Chips to Cheesecake

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How to add chocolate chips to cheesecake; get expert tips on baking homemade dessert recipes in this free cooking video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Bake and Decorate a Cheesecake
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Video Transcript

Now that the cake is in the oven what we need to do now is get our toppings ready so topping the cake we're going to top it with a chocolate fonate or chocolate chips mix with heavy whipping cream, we're going to microwave that get it nice and smooth it will be the initial topping. Then we're going to sprinkle on chopped walnuts and drizzle the remainder of the caramel mixture that we have and then we'll let that set up. That will be our chocolate well that will be our turtle cheesecake, that will be our turtle cheesecake. So here we go now chocolate chips for every one cup of chocolate chips you need a 1/2 cup of cream okay I am going to go with roughly with 2 cups of chocolate chips which will be one cup of cream. Now make sure that you have these medium size chips if you have the smaller chocolate chips you'll actually have more chocolate yielded per cup. If you have the big drop chocolate chips like the chocolate kisses you'll have less chocolate yielded when your melted per cup so go with this size. This is the stanard meduim size chocolate chip so we have 1 cup and 2 cups you now what I'm going to start with 3/4 of a cup of cream. Reason being you can always add cream to fine it down but you don't want this mixture to be to thin, if it's to thin it won't set on the cake properly, not the way I like it. So I'm going to start off with 2/3 of a cup of cream I'm going to mix in and if I need to adjust it I can always make it thinner but it's harder to make it thicker if you add chocolate chip to the mixture that's already melted you have lumps and it's hard to work with. So let's go with 3/4 of a cup right about there add that to your chocolate and mix it around now we're going to place it in the microwave, we're going to start at 1 minute after 1 minute we'll give it a mix we'll see how the consistency is if we need to make any adjustments we'll heated up a little more and take it from there.


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