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Get tips for making eggs sunny side up for breakfast in this free egg recipes cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village and today I am going to show you how to make a couple of sunny side up eggs. I've got a non-stick Teflon sautee pan here and these work best for eggs simply because obviously the non-stick element to the equation. So I put just a couple of pats of butter in here and most of the time these pans are made from aluminum and aluminum tends to heat up really fast, it's a good conductor of heat and they are very popular in the industry because you have to cook food very quickly so customer's don't have to wait. So I've got my butter melted in there and I am going to go ahead and crack a couple of eggs and put these guys in the center; careful not to let any shell fall into the pan there. Obviously with sunny side up, it means just what it says. What we are really going for is to cook the whites completely through and because the eggs are fragile and a little sensitive, it's really not going to take that long. However if you turn the heat up too high, you will notice that the white on the outside is going to get done much more quickly and it will tend to become dry and crusty in that sense. Then the material that is right next to the yolk, the clear white, won't be as done as it should be. I'm going to crank that heat down just a little simply because as you can see the white is starting to bubble up underneath and these guys are sliding around real nice and easy like we want them to. We are going to let this cook just a little bit more through. So some times I will lean the pan toward the thicker part of the egg and keep the fire close to that side so that my clear white gets a little bit more done. Another trick that you can use if you so desire, is get another sautee pan and cover this pan which will create a little bit of steam on the inside and it will finish the top for you but you have to be careful because it is a little tricky because you don't want the yellows covered because obviously these are sunny side up. But that little bit of steam will create enough heat to just do the whites on the top. Like I said it is a little bit trickier to do, so I am just going to show you this procedure. Again, we are not going to flip these eggs as we would for over easy, so the yellow is going to stay nice the way it is and if you see the heat that has been transferred from the underneath side, has gotten this clear white pretty much done and I am doing this on low heat. Again, I don't want to crank that heat up really high because we will have an uneven cooking. There will be brown edges around the eggs which doesn't look nice on a plate and this provides a lot more even and lot more even aesthetic value this way. As I shake these around, you will notice that there is not a whole lot of white that is moving around, so essentially all the white is done and we've left the yellow intact. So we will slide those of onto the plates and there are our sunny side up eggs.


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