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Watch an expert chef make eggs over easy for breakfast in this free egg recipes cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village and today I am going to show you how to cook some eggs. We are going to do 2 over easy eggs. The trick is just flipping the eggs, so I am going to show you step by step the easiest way to go about that. First and foremost, we are going to go ahead and light our grill or stove I should say. Okay. So we've got a nice flame coming out of there. I want to lower it. I don't want it on the highest heat. Eggs are really fragile. Again this is an aluminum Teflon coated sautee pan which works really good for eggs and this aluminum is going to heat it up rather quickly especially since I am using a gas range. So I am going to slice off just a little bit of butter here and put that inside the pan and the butter will start to melt rather quickly. A lot of times people will put the heat that is just a little too extreme on the underneath side of the pan and it tends to throw off your eggs. As I said, eggs are kind of fragile and you don't want to bully them. I've got this guy cranked up a little bit. Before it gets too hot I want to drop these eggs in. Again I am using a cold egg right out of the refrigerator so I am going to drop him in. I'm going to crack this guy. If you notice the white of the egg starts to cook almost immediately upon hitting the pan. Once you got it completely white based, the eggs, that is usually a good time to flip them. At the same time once you've gotten that solid base there, it is going to allow you to move these guys around and swirl them a little bit so that they will flip a lot easier and you can probably hear the sizzling that will occur on the outside rim of the eggs. All right, so we've a nice firm white and these eggs are sliding around the way we want them to so that there will be a lot more easier to flip. I like to keep the yolks closer to the edge of the pan so that you are just kind of laying them over. A lot of people think of flipping and flipping the whole pan this way and that is going to create havoc in the kitchen as well as a mess. So just get these guys centered at 12:00 and just kind of lay them over like that; just a nice fluid motion and that yolk is going to cook rather quickly so we are going to flip him around that way and those are over easy eggs. We want to go ahead and get them out of the pan because the eggs are very fragile and sensitive, so they are going to just keep cooking. I'll slide those off onto the pan that way and that is a couple of over easy eggs.


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