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Discover tips for slicing potatoes to make a scalloped potatoes recipe in this free cooking class on video.

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I am going to show you how to make Scalloped Potatoes. For your potatoes, your water is starting to boil, you've added some salt to that boiling water. You just want to make nice thin slices with your potatoes and put them right back into your water so they don't lose their color. Nice thin slices right back into the water. This is how we make our Scalloped Potatoes. Look how thin. Nice thin slices. Almost like thicker than potato chips, I would say make them an 1/8 of an inch in depth. And if you just put your finger back to where you want to do it and put your knife there and go straight down, you'll make nice slices every time. You'll see your depth, put your knife there, you won't cut yourself and you just take your time and listen to some music. You could sing a song. This is supposed to be about cooking. You know you couldn't even get your kids love to be in the kitchen. That is how I actually found my love of cooking by always wanting to be in the kitchen and my mom saying, sure. You want to cook, come and help us out. Your kids will want to do that too. Get a spot like that or piece like that, you could still cut that and use that. It's all good. Put all your pieces back into your water and keep cutting your slices. When I come back, we are making Scalloped Potatoes here on Expert Village.


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