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Tips for peeling potatoes to make a scalloped potatoes recipe; learn this culinary trick and more in this free cooking class on video.

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I am going to show you how to make Scalloped Potatoes. Alright we are back. I just want to let everyone know that I do a lot of cooking. I used to cook in my bar on the weekends and we always had fun with cooking. I sometimes rush through these and I forget that you need a utensil and I may forget and try to add it on. So it makes you want to watch and I hope people do watch and learn how to cook. Cooking is fun and for me, it is very therapeutic. Potatoes should be firm. They shouldn't have any slime or mold on them, they shouldn't have any ears. Ears are like roots growing out. If there are roots growing out of them, these are past their time. Don't do them. They should just be really firm and nice and no smell. What I do is I peel them right here. So you get your potato peeler and hold it tight where you don't have your fingers anywhere on this side and give a good grip and just start slicing your potatoes down. All your stuff going into the bowl and you'll see how easy. Just take your time always going around peeling your potato. Sometimes you'll get an ear, like you see a little indentation. Most potato peelers will have an ear cutter or pointed tip so that you can get right in there and just you know take out your ear so to say. You don't want to see on a potato. So you are just going to peel these all down. When I get back, we are really going to start putting these together. We are going to start making our slices, get them in the water and put together Scalloped Potatoes here on Expert Village.


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