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Impress your guest with a unique vegetable tray! Learn the different ways to make flowers out of vegetables in this free video clip about party appetizer platters.

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Okay, now every flower is going to need a center. So I am going to take a little bit of time to show you some different centers that you can make. Radishes make terrific centers because they are nice little bursts of color. And you can make some simple radish roses to even make it fancier. For a simple radish rose, we are just going to peel it in four places with a paring knife like this. And that makes a pretty rose. Now if you put that, you want to store your centers in a bowl of water and that will help the radish rose to open up a little bit. You also make radish rose a little bit different here. Just cut a grid in to the radish. First cut little slices just down to here. Little slices all the way and then turn and do the slices across like that. Not cutting all the way through the vegetable just going down so that the pieces don't get cut off. And in the water that will open up. And that's also a pretty center. You can also use things like this. Looks a little strange. But if you trim it up and you put it inside the right flower, it can look interesting anyway. Other centers you can use, something like this. So if you are cutting a pepper and you don't want that stem, you are going to throw that away, just keep it. It is pretty. Trim away the extra stuff around here. And you see that it would be very pretty in the center of a flower. You can also make little, we can also make some green onion brushes. You want to just trim off the root end but leave a little bit of the root end, just the part that's really holding it together. And cut it off about there and then slice down. We are slicing with our knife sort of to the center of the onion, going all the way down, probably like 1/4 inch away from each other. Slicing through to the middle all the way around. And then if you place this in the water, in a little while, it will open up and curl. It doesn't look so fancy now, but after that sits in cold water for awhile, the pieces will all curl. Other centers you can use, look for in the grocers, look for fancy vegetables like this. These fancy red peppers. You can just cut the tip off and use just the tip. You can use anything that looks pretty for your centers.


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