Japanese-Made Car Lockout Tools

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Use a Japanese tool for car lockouts primarily on Japanese cars with thumb locks, and on some Chryslers; learn how to from our expert locksmith in this free auto emergency locksmith-training video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Retrieve Keys Locked in a Car
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Video Transcript

I'm Jim Koch and today we're talking about auto lockouts. And in this clip we're going to be talking about what's referred to as a Japanese tool. They call it the Japanese tool because it primarily works on Japanese vehicles. There are some Chrysler products and some American vehicles that the Japanese tool will work on. This is mainly used when your locks are an upright lock but they're what they call a thumb lock, it's a flat lock with an indentation where your thumb can grab it. Basically we're just going to demonstrate a little bit how this works. In this case we didn’t have a Japanese vehicle to work with, so we're going to demonstrate it on this van. Basically what you’re going to do is come up to the car; in this case we've actually rolled the window down just for demonstration purposes so you can see the lock itself. You come up to the car and slide the tool in between the window and the rubber gasket, drop down in, this will go completely down and come up on the inside of the window. When it's on the inside of the car, you twist it a little bit, manipulate it around, catch the door lock and give it a little pull and your windows open. Now one of the things with this tool, it's a little tough to get back out because once you’re down and it's on that side of the window, you've got to work it a little bit to get it back over to this side of the window and bring it back up. The other thing you can do is as you're pulling it up tilt it way down, that makes it a little easier to get it outside of the window. One thing you need to remember in these clips, these clips are meant just as a reference so that you know when you call a locksmith a little bit of what that man is going to do. These tools are not meant for the criminal, not meant for evil purposes. Just a good idea so you can be an informed consumer when a locksmith does show up, you know a little bit about what he's going to do.


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