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Prevent car theft by eliminating opportunities and taking a few precautionary steps; learn more from our expert locksmith in this free auto emergency locksmith-training video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Retrieve Keys Locked in a Car
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Video Transcript

I'm Jim Koch and today we are talking about auto lockouts. In this clip, we are going to talk more about what a fuse is going to do and some of the prevention things that you can use. Probably the most important thing to remember is a thief is an opportunist. If you leave your windows down and your neighbor doesn't, your car is going to get broke into. If your car has a higher level of security, you have a club, you have just about any of these security measures and alarm systems and even just a sticker that says you have an alarm system that is going to make a thief think twice that your car is a little tougher to get into. He is going to go down the street and find one that is not so hard and as rude as that sounds, that is what you want. You want to make them head down the road and if your neighbor gets hit instead of yours, your neighbor should have taken the same precautions you did. We are talking a lot about in these clips the tools that a thief is going to use. One thing I found to be a common tool is the one that everyone has in his driveway and that is just your common old ordinary rock. You walk up, through it through the window, the thief grabs your purse, grabs your stereo, any tools, anything that he can get out of it, he is going to do so. You can also use something as simple as a screwdriver. Placed in the hand and used just right, he can shatter a window in a heartbeat. You really need to try to take some precautions as to how your vehicle is parked. You want lighting, any good light source around your car is going to make a thief think twice about. A good security system, a club. A club is a big red bar sitting on the steering wheel. Once it is in place, it is hard to get passed and the thief sees that. As soon as he walks up to your car, he is going to keep walking. It is going to make your car a little harder to steal. The other thing that you can do is the items that are normally kept in your car. Your stereo system; a lot of people keep their MP3 players in their car. A lot of working class keep tools and equipment in their car. A simple engraver like this you. You can buy just about any hardware store for about $20. You can go in, engrave your name and engrave your serial number of any of the tools. On any of your equipment, car stereo, just find a place that is not going to be in the way and not going to mess up any of your lettering or your buttons. When you go in, just engrave and the best thing is a number and record that number and use that same number on everything that you engrave and that will help deter a thief. That will also help if a thief does get your things that it will you get back yo8ur things if they are stolen. You give that number to the police, the police come across it and it is automatically back to your possession.


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