Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet for a Dirt Bike or Sport Bike

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Learn how to choose the right helmet and fit for motorcycle riding and motocross or off-road riding in this free online video on owning a dirt bike or sport bike.

Part of the Video Series: Sport & Dirt Bike Basics
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Chris Kelley or my friends call me CK and I’m speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man currently working out in the Hollywood area and I’m going to give you some tips today. Alright we’re going to talk today about a few basic tips with your motorcycles whether you just bought one or you’re just getting into riding, you want your safety equipment. Number one is your helmet. You want a good quality helmet, this helmet here, you want a helmet that will fit you comfortably, provide good protection, and good ventilation because it’s very difficult when you have a helmet that you’re wearing and it gets very hot, you want to be comfortable, you want to be cool, you want a good helmet that fits you nice. And the way to know that the helmet fits you nice is you want a good snug fit on your head. When you try on a helmet you want to put it on your head, make sure it’s nice and tight and snug, and right here in here you can see it’s pressing against my cheeks, you want that nice and snug so when you grab the helmet, it can’t slop around on your head. And you also want good front to back, it should fit nice and comfortable and snug, not be squeezing your head too much, if it’s squeezing your head too much, it’s going to be too tight. If it’s too loose, it’s going to want to move around on top of your head, so that’s one basic tip about a good fitting motorcycle helmet. This is a basic full face helmet for street riding and they do make the half face helmets, which I don’t have here which you see a lot of the guys wearing that might ride more of a cruiser style bike. This helmet right here is strictly a motocross helmet, or off road riding, these helmets do not have a face shield, you wear goggles and these helmets fit, you want to make sure that these are fit the same way. When it’s on nice and snug, pressed against your cheeks, nice good fit from the front to the back and in the top of your head. Now that’s your basic first step in motorcycle safety, getting yourself a good comfortable helmet because when you ride you always should have your helmet on and you want to be comfortable and secure.


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