How to Clean Mushrooms

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Cleaning mushrooms is extremely important. Get tips for cleaning mushrooms in this free video clip about party appetizer recipes.

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to clean and par-bake our mushrooms. When I say par-bake, I mean that after we clean the mushrooms, we're going to put them cup side up on a baking sheet and put them in the oven. When you do that, you'll see that mushrooms have lots of water inside, and they're going to release their water. Now you want them to do that before you stuff them. You pour the water out, and you can make a mushroom stop, but that sounds like a lot of work to me because you only get a little bit of water, but it's enough that it would kind of swamp the stuffing. So you want to get rid of that water, pour it out and then stuff our mushrooms. Okay, the stem already came out of this mushroom. Basically, when you clean a mushroom and I've already cleaned the outside and wiped it dry with a paper towel - if you just go like that with your thumb, the stem should snap right out. That's easy, right? Look how easily that snapped out. Just like that. Now you want to have a lot of room for your stuffing, because it's going to be a delicious mushroom stuffing. So I like to just trim it a little more so you make the ball of the mushroom a little bit bigger. You can scrape at - and it's not necessary to do this - but you can scrape out some of these little lungs in there. They're not really lungs, but. So scrape out a little bit of this, and the only reason you should do that (it's all perfectly edible) is to give yourself a little more room for the stuffing. Now I'm going to continue and finish all of these, and then in a minute, we'll come back and I'll show you how to par-bake the mushrooms. We're going to spray our pan because I know from experience that even these little mushroom caps will stick, and it will rip the fine skin of the mushroom, so I'm going to spray that a little bit. As I said, you're going to put a cap side up. We're going to pop these in the oven for about 5 or 6 minutes, and you'll see when we do, that there will be some liquid in there. When we come back, we're going to make the stuffing for our mushrooms.


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