Slice Onions for French Onion Soup

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Tip for slicing onions; learn how to cut onions for French onion soup in this free recipe video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make French Onion Soup
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Video Transcript

let's start by slicing our onions first just trim off a little bit of the top and slice the onion in half and just take a little bit of the root section off but not all of it. The root section helps hold the onion together while your slicing it and we're going to be slicing our onions thinly right across like this, right across the half. And it's good when your slicing use a nice heavy knife and I like to hold my knife like this for stability, you hold it however feels comfortable in your hand and so let me finish this onion and I'll show you. Let's peel the just peel off that outer layer now when your slicing an onion you want to curl your fingers like this so that you don't cut your fingers off, if you got your fingers like this there's a possibility of cutting your fingers. Here the knife blade will hit your knuckles before your fingers and it gives you to hold your hand like a claw give you good stability on the board. And you always slice with the knife moving don't just use pressure down it makes you work to hard, a nice slicing motion and you just move your fingers back slightly every time you take a slice right down to the end, and just continue that with the rest of your onions.


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