Installing Spline in a Sliding Screen Door

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Watch as a seasoned expert demonstrates how to install spline while repairing a sliding screen door in this free online video about home maintenance.

Part of the Video Series: Sliding Screen Door Repair
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Video Transcript

we are about to move forward here with our screen door project. I am going to install these spline. As you recall, this is what holds the screen into the door. Let me show you how this works real quick just so you will know. Around the entire circumference of the door, you have a track here that holds the spline and the screen mesh in. So when you flip this down like this, what we are going to do is put our spline right here at the start, line that up and then just rolling it into the groove all the way around. That is going to hold it in. Now you want to start right here in the corner and take your tool. Make sure you've got the right end and in our case, it's the bigger end, okay. Okay, Lucy I've got some sliding to do. You are going to do it right now. Here's our first attempt. In she goes. Don't worry if you see anything crimping or gathering cause this stuff is made out of fiberglass and it is very pliable, stretchable, adaptable and it is going to be real clean when we finish this here. So let's start rolling this here. We've got some splining to do. There you go. And I did by the way, double check and made sure when we laid this out that was pretty square around there because you don't want to come up and have a corner look like that. Then you are in trouble and you will have to pull your spline all the way out and do all over. So here we come back to this. Here is our first corner, going to come around here. Lay this out again, roll this over here and we've got some more splining to do. Just make sure that this goes in good. Okay we are just going to kind of check this as we go and make sure it is looking square. Think we are okay right now. Okay when we come back, we are going to continue on with the spline installation.


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