Removing a Sliding Screen Door


Watch as a seasoned expert demonstrates how to remove a sliding screen door before repairing it in this free online video about home maintenance.

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Video Transcript

we've got our screen door project that we are going to jump into right now. Okay, identified the problem, I showed you the tools and now what we've got to do is figure out how to get this thing off without breaking it. There are a lot of plastic parts so you want to be careful. Especially the wheels on the bottom. Come on down here, I'll take you through a little tour. This runs on a track which is part of the base here and you will have little wheels that is connected inside on a track inside the door. All you need to do is bring the wheel up a little bit and slide this out so that you can take the door off. Now there is two tension screws inside of here. Here is one; you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and you can loosen this which will increase the height and the gap between the top and bottom of the doors. That will enable you to pull this thing out here a lot easier. Okay, so you loosen that one and you've got the same screw on the other side here and you will loosen this one. That way we've got just enough so that we can pull this thing out with no problems. Okay we will be well on our way to fix it. There are going to be two wheels on the bottom here. We can just get our screwdriver underneath and pull this out. Okay that is tight so we've got to loosen that tension just a little bit more. Okay I think we are almost there. And presto, there is one side. Let's get this one out up underneath. That is a little tight too. Let's loosen this a little bit more. I know you guys don't need any more tension in your life than I do so let's get the tension out. There, okay, here she comes. The broken screen door for all to enjoy. You just kind of angle it out and it just kind of ops up from the top and there we go. Now you just need a little room to work on it, so let's put it down on the ground and when we come back, we are going to take it apart.


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