Re-installing a Toilet

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Make sure toilet does not rock back and forth when you install it. Learn professional advice for repairing a toilet in these free bathroom repair videos from a hardware expert.

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Video Transcript

The important thing to re-installing a toilet over its location is you put the toilet; let's say it's over the pipe right now. We try to rock the toilet. If the toilet rocks, we need to pre-shim it. We're going to put shims down ahead of time, so when we put the toilet over the flange that it sits to ground one time, and it doesn't rock, and then we shim it. We want to pre-shim a toilet when it's down. This toilet doesn't need it. So now we're going to take, and we're going to grab the toilet. We're going to duck walk it in here, and I keep an eye on the bolt on this side, and I come over and keep an eye on the bolt on this side. I drop that baby in place. Now I take; use a little bit of my brute weight, and I wiggle, and crush the toilet down. I take; you can see insoluble wax comes out of the hole. That doesn't hurt anything; nothing that won't come off with a little soap and water. I put the bolts on. I tighten it down, and the trick here is when we tighten this into place, we want to make sure that we don't over tighten this. Because, when we tighten this toilet down, if we over tighten this bolt, we can either pull the bolt through the plastic flange, or if we have a cast iron flange, as we were talking about earlier, the cast iron will break, you'll hear ting, and whoops, you're a loser. Now you have to take, and pull it all back apart, and put the flange saver in to repair it. So we get this snuggled down, and bingo, we've reinstalled the toilet.


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