Removing Stains from Colored Clothes

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How to get stains out from colored clothes. Learn how to wash colored laundry in this free video on cleaning clothes.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of washing clothes. Today I'm talking all about washing your colored clothes, and I want to get into something that you need to get out -that's a stain. If you happen to drop something on your clothes and you notice it, you're eating some hummus and it drops down, right away wash that up. Take a wipe and get it out. Go to the bathroom, put some water on it. First thing's first. That being said, my husband seems to never see when he gets a stain on his clothes right away, so it's up to me to get that stain out. What I do is I go through my laundry, I look at everything front and back, and I inspect it for stains. If I find a little stain, next thing I want to do is I suit up, I put on my rubber gloves to protect my fingers, or if I got some nail polish or manicure done, protect that. Grab my stain remover and pre-treat that item of clothes. What does that mean exactly? Well that means that I'm going to put this spray right on the clothes itself, and let it sit for a few minutes before I throw in my actual laundry. That will help remove some of the dirt before you throw it in there and hopefully get that stain out. I have a little secret for you. If your man has ever come home with lipstick on his collar and you don't kill him, I have a way to get that lipstick out. It's petroleum jelly. Just plain and simple petroleum jelly from your medicine cabinet. Just rub it in there, pre-treat it, throw it in the wash and it'll come out. Ladies, the same thing. If you have some rouge, or if you have some lipstick on you and you want to get it out, just rub it in there before you do your wash and it'll come right out. Another issue with stains, and sometimes there's those stains that we didn't mean to cause, you know there's bleeding from something red onto something white in your actual washing...How you can get those out is you can take your little stain removing wipes that you have in your purse, throw them in, do a load, put that item in there and believe it or not, that little wipe picks up the color and takes the color out of your stained shirt or pants or whatever it is. So it's a little trick to try that. There's lots of different removers you can try out there. Get one, stick to it, but always make sure to look through your clothes, because what will happen is if you let that stain go and you then dry it, that stain will never come out. So, really inspect and get those stains out.


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