How to Plant Burr Oak Tree Acorns

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Learn how to plant Burr oak tree acorns with expert tips on growing oak trees from acorns in this free gardening video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Grow Oak Trees From Acorns
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Video Transcript

We are growing Oak trees from acorns and I went out to my house and we gathered three different varieties. We gathered some Burr Oaks, some Live Oak and Spanish Oak. What we did was the float test that showed that a lot of them floated and a few of them sank. In my experience a lot more of them especially the Burr Oaks and the Spanish Oaks, a lot more of them that floated will germinate even though they didn't go to the bottom like the float test would indicate making them bad seed. So we are going to go with the Burr Oak first and we are going to plant them much like mother nature would plant them. We are going to set the seed and I am just going to line them up and put the seed about half way in the ground and we are just going to line them up around the outside. When they germinate, they will grow with the tap root straight down and they will be easy to separate and get out as individual plants and pot them. To me this process is a lot easier to get the maximum number of plants from the least amount of effort since we are not trying to put each one in a pot with its own soil and have to water it separately. We can put dozens of these acorns right close together and when they germinate, we will worry about putting them in their individual pots and treating them as individuals. So this is the idea here. We can water them all at once. We've got one growing container to keep up with and I think we will end up with something that we will have to transplant later but we don't have all the work at this point.


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