How to Gather Burr Oak Acorns

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Learn how to gather Burr oak tree acorns with expert tips on growing oak trees from acorns in this free gardening video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Grow Oak Trees From Acorns
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Video Transcript

Burr Oaks and other Oak trees are easily propagated from their acorn. Burr Oak has a very large acorn that falls in the Fall and can be gathered quite easily. They are quite large and easy to find and they will grow from these sprouts. One thing that we will do is a float test on these acorns once we get through gathering them. We've got several Oak trees here where we will gather acorns from. This Burr Oak just being the first. When you are picking up acorns, you want to make sure that you have an acorn that has a good husk on it, it's not cracked. Like this one is peeling, it's cracked. This acorn will probably not come up. The inside of this acorn needs to be protected by the shell and by the husk. I can probably open up this one that is peeling here and show you what the inside is like. The inside kernel of this one is actually loose and you can see the coloration, you can tell it is rotten. It is soft and it is black. This one is not going to come up. The flesh is rotten whereas this one here that I picked up that didn't have a hole in the exterior protective shell, will have a completely different kernel inside. See how big the kernel is, how large it is. It wasn't shrunk up like the other. You can see that it is a nice tan color, pretty solid, no black on it. This acorn will come up, the other one, the germination is ruined by the protective coating allowing moisture and bacteria and various things to get inside to ripe.


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