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Okay basic tools for growing. Mostly what you need are very few simple tools that are not expensive. The most useful that I find is this nice good garden rake. And you want to get the one with square tines is much better than the ones with flat tines. You might have to look a little harder but they are much stronger fork. So this fork is what you are going to use when turning soil. This is not what you want to use when digging a hole because it will just do that, loosen up your soil and turn it nicely. Now for digging a round pointed long handled shovel. I cannot stress how much better than a short handed shovel. You want to get in there, you can use the long handle for leverage and you can really move easily without a lot of physical work on your part a lot of material. So this is your good digging shovel. Then another useful tool, not absolutely necessary but really good for raking out is this short tooth garden rake. Short metal tines you can move, smooth and do all kinds of things with this lovely tool and again, not an expensive item but very useful. I hardly ever use a standing hoe with a bed this small because usually you are going to get right into it to do your cultivating. So here we have hand cultivators. There are two basic types. One is flat and one has got one tines sticking out the front. I much prefer this one, the tine sticking out the front allows you to get under plants much more easily than this one does. Both of them will work and they are very good for rooting out small weeds around the base of your plants, fluffing up the soil and all those kind of things. Another thing that is obviously very useful in a garden is a trial where you need to dig a small hole, you need to plant something, if you are buying your plants rather than planting your seeds, transplanting just your basic trial and again, any basic trial will do. You don't need a very narrow one. That's just not something specifically designed for bulbs but even for bulbs you don't need it. You just need your good basic trial. So there you are, a cultivator, a trial, a fork, a rake and a shovel.


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