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Learn how to trim the trees in your front and back yards, in this free gardening video lesson.

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You know sometimes when we work on the yard we tend to forget trimming the trees. It's very important that we do this as well! A good example, look at this particular tree right here. You can injure yourself, you don't want to do that. You got to have space to go underneath the tree, not just for yourself, but for family safety as well. I'm going to cut it, trim it 6 inches or so. What do we need for this? Well we're definitely going to need some clippers. When you're up there be sure that, be out for the lookout for any dead branches that need to be removed, especially those little spider webs. Those are not good for the tree and I'm going to share a little family secret once again. Get a hold of a spray bottle, add some water and 1/2 of bar of Ivory soap, it's got to be the white kind, let it dissolve. Every time you will trim the tree, spray. What this is going to do is it's going to create a layer, a protection so no infections or any diseases can go into the tree system, we don't want to do that. We want to maintain the tree healthy as much as possible. Now, safety is always a priority for any project, you might need a ladder sometimes. If you need a ladder be sure this is a stable flat area. If it's an unstable area be sure that somebody is holding it on the other side, safety first at all times. Now, let me show you how we're going to trim this tree. I said about 6 inches or so, I'm going to start with this branch right here, 6 inches, remember safety first, always be in front of the branches so you don't get injured. There we go, this is going to look good! It'll be so safe for the family, that's what we need safety first at all times for any project. Especially with these trees, look at that there's a lot of dead branches over there so we've got to get those as well. Wow this looks much better already, this is exactly what I was talking about, you've got to have your safety zone at all times. Well we're done trimming, now we're going to add my little home secret, Ivory soap just spray it everywhere. Be generous, everywhere you did the trimming and it's perfect and this is how we trim our trees.


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