How to Clean the Underside of a Lawnmower

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Learn how to properly clean the underside of your lawnmower deck in this free DIY video clip on how to clean lawnmowers.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Acton Seibel and on behalf of Expert we are going to talk about how to clean the underside of your lawn mower deck. You are going to need a couple of things. One is a scraper. I am using a regular old paint scraper but any sort of scraper would actually do and I’ve got a hose with one of those handy full action sprayers. So ideally after you are done mowing or after every time you mow, you want to take your sprayer and just rinse out the underside of your deck. Get all the wet grass from underneath your deck because wet grass of course everyone knows causes rust on the underside of your which takes years of life off of your lawnmower. If you feel like me, I don’t spray every time underneath my lawn mower. So I am going to scrape off the excessive grass and actually mold build up that will tend to stick when you don’t clean it off. Now, super easy to do take your scraper, wedge it in and pull off that moldy grass. The main reason you want to clean your deck is because once you have too much build-up up here, you will start putting an excessive load on your lawnmower which again will takes years of life off of your lawnmower. You can actually bend your blade because you have too much debris underneath and also it can cause excessive lawnmower vibration. So take a good scrape, get rid of the big stuff, move your blade around if you have to. Now you don’t have to get every little piece just the big pieces where you think your blade might be rubbing against and causing it some trouble and don’t forget up here too. Once you are done, give it a rinse off and you are good to go.


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