Chop Saw Tips for Diagonal Cuts

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Learn diagonal wood cutting techniques for a chop saw, when building a table, in this free carpentry and woodworking video.

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Video Transcript

To cut our diagonal pieces, our 45 degree angle pieces we're going to go back to the chop saw. This tool is great for that it's set up for it, it's also a miter saw, also cuts bebbles very quickly and easy and miters. Usually hand screw trigger to do the 45 degree angle. Now, as long as I hold my piece up here like so and hold it nice and tight, that's going to be a 45 degree angle. I'll demonstrate. Alright, so now we want from outside edge to outside edge to be 5 1/4 inches in this case. So I make my mark, use my speed square or the combination square to make my line. Now, what I need is I need the angle to go back the other way. So I just flip my piece over and again I want to make sure that I'm cutting on the other side of the line. This is where the baby steps come in, I've got my line, I've got my indicator. What I do is I usually start a little prow like I'm making a little thick and very gently bring the saw blade down. I'm not at my line so I know all I have to do is just bring this in a little bit more, a little bit more, alright there we go we have our pieces. Now, we're just going to do that four more times.


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