How to Bend Metal Flashing for Window Trimming

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Learn how to bend metal flashing for trimming your home exterior from a window installation engineer in this free video on remodeling your house.

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Video Transcript

In order to cap the outside of the window, what I use is coil stock. This is PVC coated which means it is a vinyl coating on top. This is aluminum in a sheet so it is basically sheet metal. Cut this off into lengths. This is going to be from the sides. What I can get out of these are two sides because they are shorter windows so I just double up the length. Score it, bend it, and break it. My ends too. The face is 2 and 5/8's, my back end is 2 and 3/4's. Just keep repeating. Now this is going to be for my sides. Next I will make my sills. I have to leave myself enough room for my wraparound. As you can see the sill is 40 inches but I had at least 2 inches on each side to go back so I had an extra 5 inches on each side total. We use a square, make sure you are dead square, cut the length of your fingers, walk down it, length of your fingers, walk down, that way your square don't move. In most cases when bending metal, you have to know what bend to bend first otherwise you are going to work yourself into a corner. This is going to be a side. What I do here is I don't have to make a mark. This is 3/4 of an inch because the outside edge with this bend gives me another 3/4 of an inch. It just saves time. Over bend the back side. I make it a little big on the face and tuck it back in on the back side. You can always bring it out but you can't always put it in. This is the side.


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