How to Take Apart Windshield Wiper Blades

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What is a windshield wiper blade made out of? In this free video, learn how to disassemble and take apart a wiper blade.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way to disassemble a wiper blade. What you have to locate first is which side is the locking side. You can see this side is open ended which makes this side the locking side. You can see how that clip from the spring is locked inside there. What you have to do is pop that out. It can take a little bit of effort; not to worry because you are going to throw away this wiper blade. Once you have that popped out like so, you can grab a hold of it and just pretty much slide the whole element out. Take care not to damage these guide springs. Depending upon where you get your element from, it may or may not come with those. Just continue to slide it out, just like so. If you are going to reuse the blade, take this opportunity to inspect it; make sure this stuff all moves good. If it doesn't and you just can't afford to spend any money on it, use a little WD40, spray it in these joints here and work them back and forth until they do move freely. Also check the grasping hooks, make sure none of them are bent or damaged from foreign debris and you should be ready to install your new element.


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