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Some vehicles only allow tire chains on rear tires. Learn more about vehicle specifications for snow tire chains in this free winter weather driving video from a master mechanic.

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Video Transcript

Okay, prior to doing the actual chains, I just want to point out one more time. I hope I put the information out a little bit earlier. Make sure you always check your owner?s manual and get what the vehicle manufacturer requires for chains. There are some vehicles where they're not recommended use on, other applications, four wheel drives, where they recommend you have them on all four wheels or not at all. It is a good idea, if you can have chains on your rear, that just gives you that much more breaking and cornering stability. It won't help you on acceleration too much on front wheel drive cars but the breaking is dramatically increased. So, that being said, this is standard Type S chain and that's a rating used for automobiles. That basically means it's requirements, it needs about an inch and a half of over tread clearance and somewhere in the neighborhood of between a half and three quarters of an inch on sidewall clearance. What that means is how much extra space you have to have around the tire to give the chains adequate clearance so they won't damage the vehicle. We're well within our parameters here. Now we just want to drape that over the tire and get it centered real good. Go kind of front to back and all the way around. We're going to want to make that rear connection first. That's down around the back side of the tire. To give you a little better idea, we're going to give you a little different shot of that so we can give you a good view and I can show you how you can do that with a feel of your hands instead of having to get down there and try to see what you're doing. If you remember the connection on the inside of this tire chain is just one notch. We don't have multiple notches to choose from. So I don't have any tape or any indicator on there, I only have one option. It's going to have to be able to be notched. We know it fits correctly, when it's off the car. So it should fit on there when the vehicle, when the tires mounted back on. So if it's not going to pull together for you and make a connection. You need to move the snow out of the way or what's ever impeding the chains ability to come all the way down here to the bottom of the tire. Once the rears connected, we just simply make that front connection all the way down to the last notch. Then the next step is to put the tensioners on. Please watch our next segment; we'll cover installing the tensioners.


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