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Quick fit tire chains are coated in plastic for quick installation. Learn more about the advantages of quick fit snow tire chains in this free winter weather driving video from a master mechanic.

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Video Transcript

Hello, in this segment, we're going to cover pre-fitting the Quick Fit Diamond style chains. That's a registered name brand of this particular style chain. It uses a link style cable or excuse me, standard chain for the traction and for the inner, or in this case, it would be for the outer, excuse me, the outer fastening method and on the outside it uses a large cable. That's coated in plastic and these were designed for a real easy, quick fit type application. So we'll give a quick rundown on how to install these and pre-fit those. We use the same style tire. We want to identify first the inside and the outside of the chain. According to the manufacturer, this is the inside. When you're installing chains out on the road, most all chains drape over the top of the vehicle and you connect them at the bottom. Thus, you won't have to move the vehicle or jack the vehicle up to do it. This particular style chain was designed to install from the bottom and it gives you a break in the pattern in the front so you can allow for quick easy fitting. Basically what they're asking us to do is wrap this cable up around the back and just insert the notch and lock. Then all the tension will be done from the other side. It's kind of cumbersome in this position. It wouldn't be much easier doing it on the vehicle in the snow but we'll see how it goes here. I repositioned the tire a little bit to give you a better look. On the top here, we connect the upper link and then we just come around and pull all these loose. This fits in through here, it loops through the first loop and then the second loop and then loops through these two hooks and it's designed to come back over and connect on this side of the chain. This being the tensioning right here, but as you can see, I should have some slop left down here. Some extra chain left down here. It appears at first glance and I'll check my paperwork, that this set of tire chains is too large for this particular tire. This was the set of chains that was purchased for this application. So by pre-fitting in this situation, we've just determined that we've got a set of chains that are too large for the vehicle. It can be made to work but they're just too large for the vehicle. Our best bet, and at this point where not in a situation where we have to have them. We need to return them and get the correct size chain for this application. That's a good experience in why pre-fit to make sure that we've got a good quality product that'll work on our vehicle. A tip, a lot of the places that you can purchase chains at will also, the tire stores and places of that nature, will also pre-fit them for you if you'll ask them. Especially if you're just purchasing a set to have with you because you're leaving on a trip. In our particular area in the Northwest, chains are required to have in the vehicle any time you go over a mountain pass. It's a mandatory item to have and if they won't fit or won't work. It won't do you any good if you're required to put them on. We found in this situation we've got the wrong style chain and we'll get the correct application. Please watch our next segment and we'll cover installing cable chains.


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