How to Clean a Car Engine

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Car engines need to be cleaned to perform at their best. In this free video clip, learn how to wash and detail your car like an expert.

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Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Jason and I am talking on behalf of Now after you finish the interior, you want to go the exterior. Now the first thing you want to do on the exterior before you start washing the car, take a look underneath the hood. A lot of people do not or they forget about it. It was very important because grease builds up and that could be causing your car to smell bad. You know when you turn the AC on, burning oil could come in; they are very, very bad smells. So then here we are. You just simply lift the hood. Well, this engine looks pretty dirty, so you’ve got two options. First option, you get a can of degreaser, you just simply spray the whole engine and what that does is, it breaks down the dirt particle, the grease and the oil. So you could easily spray it with water and remove all that and how you do it is to spray throughout the whole engine; you have to let it sit about 2-3 minutes. So it will break into that dirt particle. I repeat, You have to let it sit there for 2 or 3 minutes or you have the other option, you could take it to the carwash and do this because they also have a degreaser also, where you could spray on it and wait but it is not as good as a kind of degreaser you buy it from Auto Zone or O’Reily. Their product is a lot better; it is more tougher. Basically it is a white degreaser and the one you use in a car wash, has got a dark green color to it. They use kind of a cheaper degreaser. If you really want to clean your engine, I suggest you use a degreaser from this parts store.


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