How to Make a Custom Brake Line

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Making a custom steel brake line. Learn how to replace a truck's steel brake lines, brake line removal, and custom brake lines in this free car maintenance video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Replace Steel Brake Lines
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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure to inspect, remove and replace your steel break lines and bleed the breaking system on a Ford Explorer. In this step, I'm going to show you how to properly make a custom break line. What I have is a blank piece of line. They sell them in foot long increments with the fittings on it. What we going to do is make this the proper length. I have the old brake lines attached to my break hose, here and what I'm going to do is straighten it out and then match it up with my other line. You want to be real gentle; so you don't break it; so you can get an accurate measurement off your other line; so you know how long to make it. Now that should be straight enough for my purposes. From there to there. What I'm going to do is add a couple of inches, to that, what I'm going to do is cut this line off right here. In order to cut that line off, I'm going to use a line cutter. You take a slip the line cutter on. Your going to want to hold the line up into the groove on it, like so, and adjust the cutting wheel up tight to the line. Hold it on with my finger, and screw the cutting wheel down. Once you've made contact, just take and rotate the steel cutter around the line and let the wheel do the cutting. Once you make a rotation, you snug it up a little bit more and continue the rotation process until the line is cut all the way through. Alright, as you can see I have cut the line right there to the proper length. What I'm going to do now is slip the fitting back off. Your going to have to straighten your line out to do that. You'll take and tap it straight with a hammer. Your going to want to put your fitting on before you re-flare the line. The fitting is going to go on this way with the threaded portion to where your going to put the flare at and the hex nut portion toward the inside of the line. We're going to slide that on there and forget about it for a moment. What I have here in front of me is a flare tool kit. There are several different kind of flares used. The most common is called a double flare. That is this piece right here. That's the fitting that makes the hydraulic seal for you. They call it a double flare because you flare it twice. This is your flaring vice, undo the screw and slide it open. I'm going to take and put my break line into it, in the appropriate size. Just like so. The first flare step you make is with a die. That is why they call it a double flare. It's this piece right here. The amount of line you want sticking out from the vice is the thickness of this portion here. So what you do is stack that on there and just wiggle your line down until you get that thickness. Once you have your thickness set, you can go ahead and put the lock on the vice down and tighten it up. Once you have it tight you can set your die; you can see that little nipple there, is going to seat into the brake line. That nipple is going to slide down in side of it, just like so. Your going to take your flare driver and slip it on. The point of the flare driver is going to line up with a corresponding hole, in the die, just like so. Your going to take your bar, slide it through and tighten it down until it bottoms out. Then undo it. That is the first flare of our double flare. I'm going to slide my vice away and remove the die, just like so. We're going to take and run this portion of the vice down to open the flare up for our double portion. And there you go. This the finished product once we have the second flare of our double flare connection made. As you can see, it's got the nice concave surface there which will seal up into our wheel cylinder or brake hose components. I'm going to hold up the end I cut off so you can see that their identical. These are very critical. You have to get them right or they'll leak and if your brakes leak, their not going to perform well at all. That is the proper way to put a double flare on a brake line.


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