How to Remove Rear Differential Cover

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Expert car repair advice. Learn how to remove your rear differential cover in this free car repair video from an expert auto mechanic.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper way to change your oil in your rear differential. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for final disassembly of our rear axle cover and inspection for any possibly worn or damaged components. What I'm going to do now that the vast majority of oil is drained out, you can see it's just barely dripping there. Take my socket and socket wrench and just spin the bolts the rest of the way out. Your going to want to make sure if your vehicle has any tags on it, these are identification tags that have information on it for your service mechanic. It'll tell the type of axle, which will instruct the mechanic on the type of fluid he needs to back in it. In order to avoid confusion during later re-installation what I'm going to do is mark this with a piece of soap stone. I'm going to take and draw a nice big line out the axle, just like so. Then a nice big corresponding line down my differential cover. It is possible on some vehicles to put these on the wrong way, so you're going to be sure to mark it. Take out my last bolt here and we'll peal the cover out of the way. Once I have the cover off, what's going to be exposed is a series of components. There's a ring gear, the carrier, the pinion, your spider gears and your axle shaft stubs. That is the proper way to perform final disassembly of your rear axle cover.


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