How to Refill the Differential

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Refill the differential on your car after high-performance brake installation on a classic muscle car; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free auto-restoration video.

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Video Transcript

So Mark is putting the friction modifier in there, the limited-slip additive. And if it smells like BO when you're doing this, you've got the right stuff. If it doesn't smell really bad, you didn't buy the right kind of stuff. There are several different brands. Make sure you buy really good expensive stuff. We normally use GM limited-slip additive. You can buy gear lube in quart jars at the parts store. Well, we buy it in a five-gallon bucket because it's more cost-effective that way. And you wish there was a tidier way to do this but Mark is pumping very slowly. I think it's there, Mark. The only way to do it is to pump until it comes pouring out the hole. And that's--the hole you put the lube in is the level check. So he's pumping really slowly until it starts to drip out of the hole. And there's several different ways they do this. Some of them have a little rubber cover on the rear [INDISCERNIBLE] cover, as modern cars do. Old cars usually have this 9/16-sized square plug or they have one you can stick your--a lot of Fords have one where you stick a 3/8-rachet extension in and you can remove the plug that way.


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