How to Install the Brake Hose to the Frame

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Install the brake hose to the frame during high-performance brake installation on a classic muscle car; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free auto-restoration video.

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Video Transcript

There's a fitting on the frame of the car there, so there's a fitting there on the fire wall to keep the hose at the right angle. If you just install it at random, then the hose can rub on different things. The car's engineered so there's a fitting on the end of that thing, and it's supposed to line up in that bracket. And they're all different. And the aftermarket manufacturers sometimes do it a little different than the original equipment. Aftermarket manufacturers and the original equipment manufacturer have a little different approach to this, so Mark's going to file a little bit of the edge of this off so it fits correctly in the frame fitting on the car. All right. Now it fits. So, 'cause Mark has done this a million times before, he's going to thread the steel brake line in to the hose fitting first, then he'll take the clip that holds the hose to the car and he'll knock that in to place. It's tempting to knock that clip in to place first and try to get the steel brake line to line up, but that's near impossible. So your minute spent watching this particular clip just saved you a lot of trouble. Now, the brake hose is held firmly in the car, firmly enough so that you can go ahead and tighten up that upper hose, the steel brake line where it fits in to the rubber brake hose.


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