How to Install the Brake Hose on a New Caliper

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Install the brake hose on a new brake caliper during high-performance brake installation on a classic muscle car; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free auto-restoration video.

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Video Transcript

The fluid for the brakes flows through that bolt and through in to the brake caliper, so there's a copper washer on either side of the fitting on the end of the hose. The copper washers need to be replaced every time you replace a hose. Since we've just painted the brakes; Mark inspected it real quick there to make sure we didn't have any paint on the surface when our washer get sealed. Any bit of paint or any contamination at all will make it leak. Brakes have a great deal of pressure in them, and you need to seal them real careful. The brake hose has a shoulder built in to the fitting on the end of it so it goes on the correct way. And again, this is one of those things that doesn't have to be super tight. It's a hollow bolt. It's small. Just snug it up enough to cross the washers, and you'll have a good leak-free seal.


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