Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Reinstalling Defrost Visor & Optical Sensor

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Small clips surround the vent visor and are necessary to reconnect after you've replaced the car's heater core. Learn to reinstall these parts correctly from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for reinstalling our defrost visor and reconnecting the optical sensor for our automatic headlights. I'm going to take and turn it over to show you what we have going on here. Pretty much what we've got, this is your electrical connector. You're going to have to make sure to take and plug that in before we snap this down in place. These little white spots here are clips that hold the vent visor into the upper part of the instrument panel. You can see we've got a whole bunch of them to line up. You're going to want to take care when installing this because it is very flimsy bake-a-light type plastic. It has these little guides on it. These will slip down, into the front of the instrument panel and these will pop down into the passenger compartment side. I'm going to go ahead and take and connect the electronics right now. This is your standard style connector with the safety catch on there. I'm just going to take and line it up and push it into place, just like so. From here we're going to take a slip this into position and push it down until all the clips lock in place. Now I like to take and start from the middle of one of these and work it out flat. They also seem to line up better that way. So you take and push this down until it locks into place and then work out from the center. Once we have this properly installed we're just about done with the upper portion of the dash. We're going to begin to reassemble some various other electronical connectors that we had to disassemble to get it out from the vehicle. As you can see we have a whole bunch of stuff. Now this assortment is going to vary widely, depending upon your specific make and model. What I want to point out to you is that these connectors are color coded. You can see this one here is gray, the gray one is going to plug right into its corresponding mate. They're both gray, they slip right together like so, just like that. This black one is of course going to plug right into its mate which is also black. They do that on purpose so the connectors will be the same and when they color coordinate them it keeps them from being able to get mixed up. We're going to continue plugging this stuff in until you've run out of connectors. That is the proper service procedure for reconnecting your optical headlights, installing your defroster visor, and connecting some various electronical components under the dash.


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