Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Reconnecting AC & Blower Motor

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After replacing your car's heater core it's important to remount the AC and blower motor. Learn to reconnect these parts properly from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for reconnecting your air conditioning lines to the evaporator, and plugging in our pressure valve and blower motor. This is one of the main air conditioning lines, and it's just takes and slips on to its spot, like so. Now it is a quick disconnect style connector so what you're going to do is slide it together and listen for the clicking noise, right there. Once you hear the clicking noise, you can take and install the safety device that carries the heavy pressure. These just take and slide down over the open end of the AC, just like so. We have one more line just like that directly down here, take and slide this one in place and listen for the click, just like that. Then we'll take and install its safety mechanism as well. It goes together just the same way as the upper one does, just like so. From there we're going to take and reconnect our vehicle's blower motor to the electrical system. This is our connector for our blower motor right here, and it takes and it plugs into the blower motor resistor down here in the bottom. You're going to listen for the click, that's how you'll know that it's plugged in, just like so. Once we have that connector, we're going to move on to this air conditioning pressure sensor which is this connector here. We're going to line up the notch with the retainer and slide it together, just like so. Then take and hook up one more connector to our blower motor, right down here. Take and line it up, and again listen for the click, just like so. That is the proper service procedure for reconnecting your air conditioning lines, installing the safety devices, and hooking up you pressure valve, and blower motor resistor connector and power feed to your blower motor.


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