Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Removing Driver Side Knee Panel

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The knee panel is an interior component that should be removed before attempting to fix your car's heater core. Learn some quick steps for removing the driver side knee panel from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing the driver side knee blocker panel. Now the knee blocker panel is this piece of metal, right here. It's made of some pretty stout stuff, and it's there as a protection device to keep the steering column from crushing your legs in the event of a front end collision. What we're going to do is take and pull the bolts out, they are an 8 millimeter head, and we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of them to deal with. I'm going to go ahead and start taking them out right now. When it comes to interior components, it's always best to take a little extra time instead of trying to force anything. These interior components are real expensive, and they can be kind of hard to come by. Most places you can only get them at would be the dealership or at a junkyard. They will have tons of fasteners in them, so if you think you've got all the bolts out and your component still won't come out of the vehicle, take a second look. More than likely you have managed to miss a fastener or there's a hidden retaining clip somewhere on the component. And for the last one, alright, and there we go. That is the driver's side knee blocker assembly. Now you're not going to want to take and set this on any of the vehicle's upholstery, as you can see this particular car here has leather interior. This will have some very sharp edges on it, you're going to want to take and set this on the ground, out of the way, for later re-installation. That is the proper service procedure for removing the driver's side knee blocker.


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