Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Disconnecting AC & Heater Core Hoses

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There are a few car hoses you should learn to navigate when disconnecting the AC and heater core. Find out what hoses you need to detach from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here, we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for disconnecting your air conditioning line right here. And disconnecting your heater core hoses. Which, are located here and here. The A/C line is going to have a safety device on it, just due to the high pressures that it carries. It's this clip right here. Now, you can go ahead and take and yank this clip off. However, make sure the system is de-pressurized before you remove this clip. If you were to just yank this clip off, it may blow up in your face. Go ahead and slip it off. Put this in your magnetic tray. You're going to want to put that back on when you're done. Once you have the clip off, it's going to expose the click connect portion of it. There's a little spring inside here, which snaps down around the portion of the tube and hold these two together. Now, they've got a pretty special tool for them. These work on both fuel lines and air conditioning lines. These are called quick disconnects. What you're going to do, is determine the appropriate size. I think it's the white one. And, they're split just like that. You're going to take and slip it over and slide this inside here. That will release that spring and make it so you can remove the hose. Work that disconnect tool inside there while working the hose and they will come apart just like so. And, take and remove your quick disconnect tool and set that aside. And, slide the line apart. Now, these O-rings here it will be a good idea to replace them anytime that you take them apart. So, you're going to want to throw a couple O-rings on there. They're about five cents a piece at the parts store. Once you have your A/C line undone, you can move onto the heater core hoses located here and here. They have on them, what they call a permanent tension spring clamp. These are what you call permanent tension hose clamps. Now, they're not like your typical old school hose clamp with the screw and a tooth band. This is just something that you squeeze together. Now, they make all sorts of tools for removing them. What I find works best, is just a pair of channel locks. I'm going to take and slip down and get a hold of it. And, give the clamp a squeeze and work it out of position just like so. And, go ahead and do the same for the other one. Your heater core is going to always have two hoses. There's an inlet and an outlet hose. And, you're going to have to disconnect both of them to get the heater core off the vehicle. Now, you're going to want to take and twist your hose in order to break it loose from the heater core. You may even need to take and slip a small screwdriver back in behind there and break the corrosion free in order to get it off. Ok. You're heater hoses are going to be stuck. They just tend to stick in place. And, that's one of the ways that they seal is the rubber gripping the metal. So, you're going to have to get them to twist as you can see that there twist free. Now, you can use a small set of pliers if you have to. However, be very careful to not damage the hose. Twist the hose right off and tuck it away for later reinstallation. Do the same thing with the other hose. Get her to twist for you and slide it out. And, there go. That is the proper service procedure for disconnecting your air conditioning lines and your heater core hoses.


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