How to Adjust Steering Wheel That Pulls

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Adjust a pulling steering wheel using a steering-wheel puller that attaches to the shaft with a taper fit; learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-repair video.

Part of the Video Series: Wheel Alignment Tips for Custom Cars
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Video Transcript

Two turns right, one and a half left. When centering the steering wheel, we had two full turns to lock when we went right and only one and a half turns when we went to lock left. It maybe an esoteric point but I don't sleep on 'em unless I get things straight. So if turning the steering wheel one quarter turn right which will give us two and three quarter turns each direction to lock. And Mark's going to pull the steering wheel now to see if the steering wheel is keyed and we don't have any choice or if we can remove the steering wheel and put it on straight at this point and that'll give us the equal turns lock to lock, left and right. Lots and lots of hot rods that I drive, we can turn right, we can't turn left or we can turn left, we can't turn right. It's very very common problem, one that I'm pretty sensitive to. We have the tires centered but we have too many turns to right, not enough turns to left to get to the lock from that center point. And that's a lock that's built into the steering, it's not a lock built into the suspension. So Mark has the steering wheel puller here. The steering wheel is held on to the shaft he's removed a nut from that shaft. It's held on to the shaft with a taper fit so you don't want to over tighten it getting it down. If you over tighten it, you'll end up rubbing the aluminum collar against the painted steering column. You can actually, with the torque of that nut, you can jam that sucker way down, wipe out your turn signals, wipe out the bends, get scrapping sounds, it's a real hassle. So Mark is using the steering wheel puller to pull the wheel off. He could tell by looking at the splines when he removed the jam nut, he could tell that this steering wheel can go on in any position. A lot of modern cars, the steering wheel is keyed so you can only put it on one way, you have no adjustment and that's a good idea except on a hot rod, you know the steering box wasn't build exactly for this car the rack and pinion. So Mark's going to go a couple three turn here and the steering wheel's loose. And since we can't leave anything alone, don't ever use crimp connectors, they're junk. This has got some goofy wiring in it, we can't stand it. So Mark will go ahead and do proper circuit on this and solder the connections.


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