How to Adjust Steering Camber

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Adjust camber like you adjust caster, jamming the bolt out as needed as our expert custom-car mechanic explains in this free auto-repair video.

Part of the Video Series: Wheel Alignment Tips for Custom Cars
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Video Transcript

So now he's readjusting the camber, driving the bolt out again just like we did when adjusting caster. We've got the caster where we want, now we need to bring both rod ends in the same amount and this is--Mark's just going to guess on how much to turn it here. So he's lengthening each of the rods in order to bring the top of the wheel out. It was--the top of the wheel was in relative to the bottom by a six tenths of a degree and we want to bring it back so it's at least zero or maybe a little bit positive. Now the digital gauge that never lies, it says what? MARK: .2 negative." DOUG JENKINS: So we turn to each rod end... MARK: One whole turn. DOUG JENKINS: whole turn and we gained four tenths of a degree. So we need to go... MARK: "One more turn." DOUG JENKINS: more turn and that should give us two tenths of a degree positive which would be near zero if you put a guy in the car. So it's perfect, we--I had to readjust two times for caster and two times for camber. Now let's check our caster just to be sure. Okay, so after adjusting our camber a little bit, we gained us a quarter degree or half a degree of caster which is just fine.


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