How to Set Up a Camber Caster Gauge

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To align a vehicle, install a camber caster gauge, adjusting it to line up with the rim; learn how in this free auto-repair video on customer-car building.

Part of the Video Series: Wheel Alignment Tips for Custom Cars
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Video Transcript

First step in aligning a vehicle, once you get it on the ground, you need to get the weight of the vehicle on its tires. You can't do it with the front end up in the air 'cause that changes the suspension geometry. Once you get it down on the ground, the first thing Mark's going to do here is install the camber/caster gauge. He's moving the bottom pins up there. The upper one is adjustable with a screw, the two are adjustable by putting them in different holes. And you align them up, really with any part on the rim that's easy to access, it doesn't really matter where as long as you get all three alignment points at this correct place. This guy here needs to be centered to the hub. So, after you get the three mounting points attached to the rim, you need to get this front bubble level, and then we can begin our measurements.


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