Installing O-Rings for Air Conditioning Compressor in a Ford Explorer

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Make sure to use same size O-rings when replacing air conditioning compressor in a Ford Explorer. Learn more tips for replacing an air conditioning compressor in a 1996 Ford Explorer in this free auto repair video from a master mechanic.

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Video Transcript

Today we're changing an air conditioning compressor on a '96 Ford Explorer. In this step, I'm going to demonstrate the proper procedure for installing o-rings in the back of your compressor and remounting your compressor to the top of the engine. Once you've matched the o-rings up from your kit with the old ones that came out of the back of the compressor, you're going to want to take and go ahead and just install them into the compressor. You're going to take and push them down all the way until they seat just like so. I'm going to go ahead and install the second one right there. You're going to want to take a little bit of time and make sure there is no debris or contaminants on the o-rings. That will inhibit the sealing ability of those o-rings and possibly cause a leak. Once you've inspected and made sure it?s clean, you can take and begin reinstalling your compressor. I'm going to take and roll it just like so with the magnetic clutch connector facing up on this particular vehicle. Right there. I'm going to take and start our four mounting bolts. Once you have all four bolts started, you can begin tightening them down. We're going to use an x-pattern for tightening this guy down. There's one, we're going to jump straight across to this one here. As you can see beginning of our x-pattern right there, we?re going to drop straight down to this one here and then diagonally up to this one here, completing our x-pattern. And there we go. That is the proper service procedure for installing your o-rings and remounting your air conditioning compressor to the top of the vehicle.


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